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Writing and Books

I believe that we all have a book inside us (if not three.) But it isn’t always easy getting your ideas onto a printed page. I’m here to help.

I have over a decade of experience in writing, publishing and creating books—both publishing my own and working with other publishers. Regardless of where you are in your idea, I can help with these types of questions:

—Should I self-publish or go with a traditional publisher?

—Where do I go for guidance on self-publishing?

—How do I shop my idea around to publishers?

—Should I get an agent? How?

—My manuscript is done, what do I do now?

—What can I expect from the book writing and publishing processes?

I have a few routes for working together:

Author Consultation and Advice Session

One hour session to discuss strategies to move forward with your book project. With your specific situation in mind, we will work through how to get from ideation to book proposal, where to shop your idea, how to get an agent or the walk through the path to self-publishing. Each session is followed up with related resources and/or contacts. Rate is $150.

You Ask, I Answer

One hour session to explore whatever you want to know or learn about writing and publishing in the “You Ask, I Answer” format. Any publishing topic (children’s books, travel writing, working with publishers, shopping your book, self-publishing, you name it!) is game. Each session is followed up with related resources and/or contacts. Rate is $150.

I also work in-depth with authors and publishers on several specific publishing and writing scenarios:

Self-publishing guidance

Coaching and support to ensure your press or self-published title is successful.

Book proposal critiques and guidance

Step by step guidance to get your book proposal ready to shop.

Manuscript critiques

For picture book or non-fiction manuscripts.

Email me at elisaparhad@gmail.com to get more details or set up a session.