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I love knowing why things are the way they are, which is why I excel as a qualitative researcher. Since 1999 I've provided juicy insights for both private sector and nonprofit clients to help them make better marketing decisions. I've investigated everything from how to help a warehouse retailer provide a more sophisticated wine shopping experience to the reasons behind consumer love for a particular breakfast cereal. This work is fascinating and it stokes my curiosity about the habits we humans keep. From providing key insights, online and offline moderation, analysis and research design—you name it, I do it.

Past clients include 3M, Nike, Toyota, Walmart, Nintendo, Kia, the Gates Foundation, General Mills, Target, Sam's Club, USC, LA Unified School District, J. Lohr Wines, Nestle, Tri-Cities Suicide Prevention Project, Long Beach Unified School District, Planned Parenthood, Sony and Disney Animation Studios.