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December 2015




5.5 x 7 inches
224 pages

"Southern California: A Guide for the Eyes" is the second book in the "Guides for the Eyes" series. I began the project a few months after my first child was born (and just after the New Mexico book was "born.") He came with me on all my SoCal research adventures. It wasn't always easy, but this work gave me great insight and respect for the fascinating region that is Southern California and the city of Los Angeles, my adopted home.

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About the Book:

Visually focused, packed with cultural insight, and sized for portability, Guides for the Eyes celebrate the local traditions and visual vernacular that surround us. While traditional travel guidebooks focus on where to eat, sleep, and visit (setting up the travel experience as a mere checklist of things to see and do), Guides for the Eyes introduce, explore, and beautifully illustrate the details that create the magical sense of place that travelers seek.

As one of the most storied regions of North America, Southern California is a captivating addition to this award-winning series. From beaches and billboards to taco trucks and tract homes, the landscape and culture is familiar, but in many ways unknown and misunderstood. The swirl of activity in which Southern California was created—by a multiplicity of cultures, pioneering industries, and unforgettable personalities—has made for a sometimes fanciful, and always fascinating, history. This influential land at the end of the road has become, and likely will continue to be, a place of new beginnings, innovation, dreams, and aspiration, bringing countless contributions to our world.

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Here's what people have to say:

“Thoroughly entertaining, humorous, and enlightening. Parhad’s book distills the essence of Southern California into 200 pages.”
—Peter Moruzzi, Author of "Palm Springs Holiday:
A Vintage Tour from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea"

“Like a key to a map, Southern California: A Guide for the Eyes decrypts the vastness of Southern California. Chock-full of fascinating facts, Parhad gives us access points of understanding, be it the history of the avocado or why programmatic architecture thrived in car culture. Buy two copies: one for your house and one for your travel bag.”
—Tom Carroll, Host of "Tom Explores Los Angeles" YouTube series

“This is your guide to the heart and soul of Southern California: the people, nature, beliefs, lifestyles, colors and flavors. Parhad's unique approach and captivating writing, together with breathtaking images, make Southern California: A Guide for the Eyes a must-read for every visitor and local alike.”
—Borislav Stanic, Author of "Los Angeles Attractions"

“Guides for the Eyes is the ultimate handbook to experiencing a place like a local. A visual treasure hunt of clues, this series successfully does what you wish every other travel guide would do (but doesn't).”
—Anne Ditmeyer, Founder of Prêt à Voyager blog

"What a stunner of a guide to SoCal! This book does a beautiful job of capturing all of the special pieces that make Southern California unique. It's clearly written by someone who knows the region well and the photography is excellent. This is the perfect book for anyone who loves Southern California, whether they are current or former residents, or they simply want to relive a magical trip over and over again."
—Sara Greene, Happy Customer

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Single Project