Summer 2015



I jumped at the chance to provide the research and story ideas for the downtown Los Angeles Storytrail. In all, I researched 22 stories, providing enough factual and historic material for each story to become an engaging 2 minute video for the curious. From the stories of the former slave who became a pioneering philanthropist to the immigrant watchmaker who introduced the first commercial jingle to Tinseltown, I unburied the strange, unbelieveable and inspiring stories that helped build the city of Angels.

About Storytrail

Storytrail is no longer available, but was a website offering fun, free videos explaining the soul of the world's great cities through their stories. Videos were laid out along walking trails, or "storytrails," that explore a city's different neighborhoods. Each video shows the must-sees, hidden gems and the tales behind them all. World traveler and founder, Jason Pascoe, narrated with wit and charm to make a site well worth bookmarking for armchair travelers and urban explorers alike. Storytrail cities included Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Lisbon and Rome.