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Cameron Kids


March 2022




Children's Book
10 3⁄4 x 8 inches
32 pages

“Pool Party” is a love letter to the time my co-author, Amy Duchêne, and I spent in our local community pool. The Aqua Club was our water home, where we met in swim lessons at about 3 years old. We both joined the swim team a few years later and by 8 years old were part of an all-star relay team. Between workouts, buying Sweet Tarts at the clubhouse and playing Uno and speed on the pool deck, we broke the Seattle city record for Girls 8U in the Medley Relay. I swam butterfly, Amy swam backstroke. The record held for a good 30 years!

Skip to us now in our 40s, both living in LA. When Amy came to me with a rhyme sequence in 2019 about our favorite childhood activity, I jumped in. We spent about 6 months sending the manuscript back and forth between each other and were ready to query in the Fall. We were thrilled when Cameron Books—who published "Los Angeles Is..."—wanted to bring it to life. We are forever grateful to our editor, Amy Novesky, who made the words shine, and Anne Bentley, who beautifully illustrated our nostalgia. Whether or swimmer or not, we hope that "Pool Party" brings the magic of time in pool to life, in all its diving, gliding, cold treat, warm towel, splashy glory.

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About the Book:

Splash, dash! It’s a pool bash! Grab your swimsuits, inner tubes, noodles, and floats, and jump, belly flop, or dive into this wet and wild ode to swimming pool fun.

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